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Year 11 Day 203 11:33
Tahil Vorn

How do I kick passengers off of a ship?

Year 11 Day 203 11:42
There is a mass-kick-option in the new Party-screen which can be accessed via the right-hand-side panel.
I guess you need to be pilot of the ship and in the same room as your passengers.


Year 11 Day 203 12:29
Tahil Vorn

My situation... I had two PCs on a sprint that I am assigned pilot of. The PCs were unconscious and in my party. I revived them in a bacta tank, now I cannot get them to disembark from the ship. So I've been trying to kick them off. They are no longer in my party nor are they on the crew list.

Year 11 Day 203 13:27
You need to be on the ground.

Year 11 Day 203 13:32
Tahil Vorn

I am on the ground, and I've tried from outside the ship as well as within?

Year 11 Day 203 14:03
Xavze Zavan

Position>room messages..should see kick option then.Dunno why its hidden there


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Year 11 Day 203 17:55

And Xavze that section was moved there to make loading the position page quicker when people had hundreds of NPCs in the room they were in.


Year 11 Day 204 1:29
Tahil Vorn

Xavze Zavan, thank you.

I'm curious, is this in the guides somewhere? I tried looking for it but could not find it.

Year 11 Day 204 16:05
It is in the rules, not the guide. It is not one of the heavily used commands.

Year 11 Day 245 15:35
Dan Hakim

I'm in a similar situation to his ^ but all I get is a white line across the lower pane, after I try kicking him. Same if I use 'kick all'. The only option I have in position is 'kick from Party' but I can't add him to my party cos he's a PC. I was able to kick him from my vehicle, so now he's in the hanger bay of the Gallo I'm flying, but can't kick him from that.


Year 11 Day 245 17:48
Kicking passengers is currently broken.


Year 11 Day 245 22:28
Don't believe you could ever kick a passenger while you were moving (unless by "the Gallo I'm flying" you meant you are the pilot and you are currently stationary on the ground/docked)