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Year 11 Day 203 15:18
Silas Xade

So here's my situation. I was banned sometime ago and when I returned I was in a ship unable to leave. This date was Y11 D181

I've waited three weeks exactly. The date is now Y11 D202

Just as I returned to the combine I noticed I've been arrested at the three week mark which is required. So my question is since I waited the three weeks needed to drop my character, can I still do so even in my current state?

Year 11 Day 203 17:58
If you were trapped and have tried to find out who has you trapped and tried to get out, we can drop your character regardless of when they arrested you. ALso if you know who has trapped you and know they won't release you.

If however you have made no effort to try and escape and have not had knowledge that you wouldn't be released even if you tried, not sure. Would have to talk with the other ASims.


Year 11 Day 203 22:15
He has made a few inquires for help in the traders lounge.


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Year 11 Day 203 23:16
Silas Xade

The issue was resolved Thanks for helping out Ellias


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