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Archives » How do i board my ship its in Orbit
How do i board my ship its in Orbit and i am on the ground.
What are my options to get into orbit ???
If i have 2 ships in orbit ..How do i get them both to descend to ground level?? They are both freighters.
What are my options here ???
Do i have any options...????

where is a Star Trek transporter when you need one :)


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There are NPCs that allow you to travel to a ship in orbit you pilot. However I am unsure if its still working that way or if its been moved to the starport or what. Never used it myself.

Otherwise, you will have to arrange for someone to either bring your ship down to you, or take you up to it.


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This will help with your questions:



No it won't as that page only talks about NPC transport between starports which isn't what is being asked about. As far as I'm aware the ability to get shuttled to a ship or station in orbit remains accessible only from the appropriate NPC type, unless you're in a race starting city there is unlikely to be one available however so you're left with getting a player to collect you or the ships.

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