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Year 11 Day 205 22:10
Rhan Komo

I am wondering about this ability. If my stealth is at 3, so any scanners below 3 won't detect me in space or city? Wether or not I am in a ship? Or is it for just when I'm on the ground, if so does that mean my party has the same stealth or I'm the only invisible one?


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Year 11 Day 205 23:54
Stealth only works when you are outside either in a city, or on terrain. It renders only you invisible to anyone with perception (when they too are outside) or sensors (if they are in a ship/vehicle) below your stealth value. If they are equal, they can see you. Ships/vehicles have an ECM rating that is similar to stealth, but affects the ship/vehicle from being seen etc.


Year 11 Day 206 1:27
So there is no way to hide in front of a Y-Wing Longprobe (Sensors 8) if I am having Stealth 5 and am running in circles inside a city, while the Y-Wing makes a flyby?

Year 11 Day 206 4:14

A single Longprobe would have to be at the same location as you to see you if you have a stealth of 5 as that's the only point the sensor power is higher than 5 but there is currently nothing you'd be able to do to prevent it seeing you in that case. When you're traveling you are always at a location, either the place you started from or the next point along your journey, so there is always the possibility of the Longprobe flying over the location you are on.

It is quite possible that the Longprobe would have others NPC'd to it however which would then boost the overall sensor power within it's sensor range so that the PC pilot can see you at locations around the Longprobes (unless buildings are blocking the view) as well as at the same location as it. (See scanning rules page).

I believe stealth is also broken at the moment anyway, or at least it was last I checked.

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Year 11 Day 210 1:16
So, yes you could hide from the Longprobe, by either moving farther away, hiding behind a building, or hiding in a building.

Year 11 Day 210 3:38
Thats quite wonderful.

And taken into account that we are not still experiencing a "full" game - maybe lateron we can simply use a sensoric cover suit, which will give a boost to our stealth skill or such.

I am really looking forward to see how Combine develops!

Year 11 Day 210 10:14

Hiding in a building wouldn't really work that well if someone was specifically looking for you as most buildings are empty and you'd show as a passenger on a deeper scan but yes that would usually hide you from a casual glance.


Year 11 Day 210 12:56
Hide in a vehicle in a building would show only a vehicle. A little more inconspicuous. But if someone is looking for you they would know a single vehicle could be a place to hide.
--Arch, out.

Year 11 Day 211 3:40
And then I enter said building, look at the room-events and follow you straight to the hangar bay. Well, as there is no way to get you out of a vehicle at the moment, you're pretty safe... until something changes there.

Year 11 Day 214 8:55
Rhan Komo

Electronic lock breakers to the rescue!

Thanks for the answer.


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