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Year 11 Day 206 10:31
Dorn Zeke

While at work, I use mibbit.com, or a widget on any number of faction websites to log in. I used to have no issues, but lately I've been getting connection terminated and/or banned, when the IRC server states connections are exceeded on the IP address for mibbit. Since this is often the only tool I and others can use to connect to IRC at certain locations, and the widgets encourage member activity and use of IRC, can we please expand the connections allowed using mibbit so that everyone who wants to log on using that website can do so?


Year 11 Day 206 11:04
Kainen Morguli

I agree. I, too, use Mibbit as it is the only client that seems to work on the network that I am using, college campus rules and such. When I get the Connection Terminated status, it becomes almost impossible for me to get back on. Sometimes I have to wait days to be able to use Mibbit again. If we could do as Dorn suggested, that would be amazing, or perhaps someone could take the time and effort to try and help me get mIRC to work so that I don't have to let it try to connect for a week before it just mysteriously establishes a connection, that would be great.

Thanks for bringing this up Dorn. I've been trying to figure out something to do about it but I'm inept when it comes to almost anything computer, internet, networking...well...whatever it is.

Year 11 Day 206 11:12
When I am out and about I might log onto chat with my phone using mibbit(only able to get it to work in wi fi areas) and some places it will let me and others it will not.

Year 11 Day 207 1:18
The problem with mibbit is, that all people using it appear to come from the same internet connection and the chatserver has a limit on the number of connections from a single source. I suggest you try using the chat client we provide on the SWC chat page (or a different client), that one shouldn't provide you with any problems.

Year 11 Day 207 1:29
Rupert Havok

The problem with mibbit is, that all people using it appear to come from the same internet connection and the chatserver has a limit on the number of connections from a single source. 

This problem can be solved by enabling the WebIRC protocol:


The WebIRC protocol allows Mibbit to send the user's real IP address and hostname to the IRC server.

Edited By: Rupert Havok on Year 11 Day 207 2:03
Year 11 Day 208 4:53
Dorn Zeke

Togan - is it possible to do the solution Rupert suggested?


Year 11 Day 208 4:59
That's up to Syn and whether we have enough access to the IRC box.

Year 11 Day 208 6:24
Dorn Zeke

Thanks Togan. Unfortunately I'm unable to connect using the IRC widget on the SWC site, so hopefully Syn will approve this.


Year 11 Day 212 11:37
Theoretically this would work with our current ircd, but no guarantee since tr-ircd has been obsolete for years (we've continued to use it for specific server channel support no other ircd has had available). This change would require recompiling, which has given us some trouble with the ircd in the past regarding some odd bandwidth usage issues (where the ircd displays as using twice the actual bandwidth, causing our hosting to yell at us), so we decided some time ago to switch to a new modular ircd since we'd need to recompile anyhow. We're just waiting for a few of us (namely Sel *points finger*) to have the available time to get on that.

In the meantime, no mibbit changes will be made to the current config.



Year 11 Day 212 17:04
Dorn Zeke

Alright, thank you.