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Year 11 Day 207 9:07
Allrite just got banned lost the battle, so upon my return will i have all of my assets, credits, and cp's as i did when i left. Also i was in hyperspace when i was banned my character will nt die as a result will he

Year 11 Day 207 9:12
Lamy Homo

I doubt that, you're account will most likely be penalized in some manner.

Keep demanding things though, I like it.


Year 11 Day 207 9:13
Everything should be as it was, unless someone executes your character while you are away

Year 11 Day 207 9:35
Players banned as a result of the multi-rules who request an unban may be subject to a partial removal of credits, assets and/or XP, to be determined on a case-by-case basis upon their return to the community. This punishment is fully supported by the administration and multi-accounts staff and may not be disputed as it is a condition of being unbanned.

- Rules Page

Year 11 Day 207 10:15
hopefully the admin who banned me Gitane Z, will be able to let me know exactly what the penalty will be.

And for those who are wondering this is not a confession of wrong doing, i still mantain my innocence in being a multi

Year 11 Day 207 10:23
also if my assets are siezed is it possible to just drop my character? and if so how long must i wait after being unbanned

Year 11 Day 207 10:42
Lea Delorme

Nope. Just wait 30 days, then, if you want, sun your character.

Year 11 Day 207 11:37
Just don't use a faction ship...

Year 11 Day 207 13:06
so if you sun yourself there is no wait time to recreate

Year 11 Day 207 13:09
Read the rules. They're freely available to the banned.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 11 Day 207 23:00
I recommend you pick a faction that says it has a training academy, they will teach you everything you need to know (hopefully)

IT does not matter in which way you die, you still have to wait, you may just be banned fora time period, contact Giante Z and speak with him, this most likely will have to take place via email, however if you can log in you can still send darkness messages, so it should be easier to contact him.

Good luck to you in proving your innocence, if you were banned as a mutli it may be because you logged in at work or some other place, or it could be your ISP.

You need to speak with Giante Z about these things

Year 11 Day 207 23:42
it doesnt matter i have tried but to no avail, thank you for the advice though it is greatly appreciated