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Year 11 Day 217 18:41
Can you buy stuff from there?

Year 11 Day 217 18:44
Vek Nkik

At one point yes. NPC scripts were turned off a few months ago so you're no longer able to talk to a shopkeeper and purchase items. As far as I know its still off though it won't always be.


Year 11 Day 217 18:51
Any idea when you can use it again?

Year 11 Day 217 20:25
Gunther Innis Tennor

Not sure when it will be turned back on but if you go to a shop you will most likely find items lying on the floor that you can use.


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Year 11 Day 217 20:45
Actually, Clarr switched the buy items bit to the Actions page. So:

[Position] -> [Actions] -> then choose the buy items/shopkeeper option that is there. Once you buy an item, it will drop at your feet. You will then need to click on the [Equipment] link on the sidebar (under where you clicked [Position]) and then drag the item(s) you bought onto the slots on the image of a man on the left of that page.

Just beware that likely there will be other items that other players have bought but not picked up, so check (using the inventory page on the sidebar to the right - if you picked it up it should say in location: Equipped by Kit Kuran
) that the item is yours. May save frustration later.


Year 12 Day 150 7:11
Maybe sticky this thread or make a Q&A thing wih most commonly asked...

Year 12 Day 180 0:42
Dambra Roth

I'm sorry, but I can't find the actions page.

Year 12 Day 180 1:00
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

It's the top right button of the position page.