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Year 11 Day 220 6:21
Vytor Vex

So say I'm just zooming around in my Action IV on the surface of a planet and I happen to run across a rancor pack, now in the rules it says that once an aggressive creature sees you, it will attack you. So will they attack you even if you're in a ship? And if you're in a ship with weapons, can you fire upon them.

Year 11 Day 220 8:03
Entity vs Creature combat (ie shooting things from your ship) will be implemented later, after player vs player combat etc.

To that angle, I would also say that since you are not technically present (you are hidden on your ship) the creatures will not attack you.

And a further note, you will not see packs of Rancors anymore - I've turned them down to solitary creatures.


Year 11 Day 220 8:56
So then is a Mark I Assault Droid considered an Entity?


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Year 11 Day 220 18:19
Possible that droids will be included before then. Haven't heard much about droids in combat.


Year 11 Day 220 21:49
Alex Tylger

I figured I'd post questions here rather than make a new thread. Forgive me if I hijacked the thread, but I thought it best not to clutter the forum.

Few questions:

- Will armour factor in by the time creature combat is released? Currently, whether you have armour equipped or not, it just shows Armour 0/0 in the positions screen.

- Will the secondary weapons + utility slots be added before creature combat?

- In that same regard, what about parties and their contribution to a combat situation? Or is that a later thing with Party vs Creature/Entity?

- Some creatures - regardless of the supposed stat fix/update that was announced recently - such as the Rancor, have no minimum or maximum damage. Is this a bug or are you guys just figuring out how lethal you want to make them?

- Finally, will you be able to take trophies off significant creatures? For example, Krayt Dragon Pearl off the Krayt Dragon (which could be a significant trophy and valuable commodity if they can inhance a lightsaber such as in KOTOR).


Year 11 Day 220 23:06
1. Yes armour will be factored in for combat, along with weapons and other such things.

2. We will be changing the way that equipment slots work. Currently you have left hand, right hand and belt. These will be changed to the new slots system.

3. Parties will contribute to the battle, and will follow the Character in attacking the target. Groups that aren't directly with the player, but under his command, will be able to function somewhat autonomously.

4. Creatures will actually be given some generic creature type weapons before we release it, which will most likely follow the same slot system as Characters, with the only different being that, for example, a Rancor's primary weapon is his Gnashers, while his secondary weapon is his Fists. This will allow us to do cool things like have creatures that have a long ranged weapon such as a Venom Spitter, whilst also having a close range weapon such as Gnashers. Creatures will not have a utility slot however.

5. Yes, you will be able to take Trophies off creatures. This was an oversight when I was converting the rules from my notes to the rules page. Certain creature types will have generic drops, while some specific creatures will have specific drops, like the Krayt Dragon Pearl.

In future, with drops, we have thought of allowing players to augment or craft items based on drops. So I can take my Krayt Dragon Pearl and combine it with my Armour to make my armour Light Saber resistant or some such thing (Don't whine at me about how that's not canon because I just made it up and really don't care).


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Year 11 Day 220 23:28
Zhao, are you working at all off - or has any consideration been given to - the creature rules I did some preliminary work on over at the Dev server forums?

If not, there are a number of overlapping ideas, and some of my stuff might augment what you already have, such as drops (while I'm sure some of it you'll just throw out).


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Year 11 Day 220 23:37
I was not aware of any such material but I will now go and have a look. The Dev forums are a mess. :P


So long, and thanks for all the fish...
Year 11 Day 221 1:25
Hal, as to creature drops, its pretty much how you suggested. I've written up some preliminary ideas and equations for getting trophies, what trophies, and what you can do with them. As to how much the coders will keep to that I'm not sure, but should be pretty close.

Not sure how much I can say about it exactly however. As to any other stuff about creatures you have there, I personally am not sure what Sin's done/doing.


Year 11 Day 221 12:56
Christian Hall

Sin's gone rouge!!!! Run!!

And OT:

EDIT:Forget it. I don't want to skyjack this guys thread.

Edited By: Christian Hall on Year 11 Day 221 23:39
Year 12 Day 210 8:12
hey all is there only certain planets they appear on or do all planets have creatures on?


Year 12 Day 210 8:42
Can you die from a creature attack? or do they just knock you down, defecate on you, and leave, giving you a chance to slowly heal enough to slink off looking for a shower and a monastery to hide in?

Year 12 Day 210 15:23
Hans Yond


dying would be stupid, best to just be knocked unconscious for 6hrs to 24hrs if you lose or something similar.

Year 12 Day 210 16:42
This is not a safe game. If you're worried that you can't beat a creature, don't attack it.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 12 Day 210 17:21
Hans Yond

dying via PvP i agree but seems OTT in PvCreature combat

anyway how does ground combat on the ground actually work? is there a round/turn system, both sides attack until one side is dead?

Year 12 Day 210 17:22
Year 12 Day 210 19:42
As per the Sim News, this first round does not involve the creatures fighting back at all. However they will at some point fight back, and yes possibly kill you.

Serah, there are 88 creatures that spawn on any planet, but only on specific terrain. The other creatures spawn on specific terrain, on specific planets.


Year 12 Day 211 2:20
Quick question relating to creature combat, weapons and skills...

Have skills for using weapons been factored in yet or dosn't it matter what skills you have currently?

Year 12 Day 211 3:39
Deakon Jarvis

it aint combat if creatures cant attack back :( thats just a massacre.

I want to know when you say free terrain space is that mean virgin terrain or does that inclued city/roads/facility?

I really like to have two types A) natural surroundings and B)those creatures you may find in populated areas- eg duracrete slugs, vermin, birds etc
Only time say a rancor go in a city if player triggers it on out skirt and it begins roaming rampage...Be laugh to do on enemy cities :P

I hope being killed by creature happen, SWC has had to much time being wrapped up in tissue paper. If you provoke you should be able to be killed.

Year 12 Day 211 6:30
Malkob Kaa

The Player can not be killed outright, unless his available units have been eliminated. In the event that a Player is knocked out while his units are still active, they will either resurrect him using an available stimpack they have equiped to their utility slot, or the entire unit will flee from the battle taking their commander with them.  

Here you go, take at least few NPCs with you so they get killed instead of you or ,in worst case, drag your arse back to the ship.


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