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Year 11 Day 221 14:33
Ok, the title might be misleading, but it's to the question..If I were to create a faction. Is there a way to tell what DC's are still being given out?
I have been around for a long time and know that some DC's were no longer being given out to certain newly created factions.

What DC's are still being handed out for new factions..medical is one and ship productions get EP's..but what about weapons, vehicles ect.


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Year 11 Day 221 15:50
Per the Faction Creation Rules on Faction Types

^ Should have all the info you're looking for. :D


Year 11 Day 221 18:27
Vek Nkik

DC's are no longer given out except for the few exceptions on the page Kaira linked above. The only factions that got DC's were the ones created when they were first selected. ie. New ship factions only get the EP DC, new vehicle factions get nothing.

Edit: Also, while its still listed that Med factions get the Neb-B and Sprint I thought I read something that new Med factions will no longer recieve those, maybe someone else can confirm.

Edited By: Vek Nkik on Year 11 Day 221 18:30
Year 11 Day 221 18:37
That page is correct, and all DCs listed are those that you will receive. Vek, not sure where you read that Med factions won't get those DCs, but I've never seen such a thing in the forums. SPrint and Med Neb DCs are still given out, though the Med Neb is still a 1 use DC.


Year 11 Day 221 19:07
Vek Nkik

My mind must be playing tricks, better lay off the Jawa juice.


Year 11 Day 232 8:17
Darian Dash

Is this to limit new faction creation for certain types of factions?

I'll base my questions on a weapons faction trying to make some guns.

How could a new weapon faction survive if it doesn't get any DC's?
Are they expected to borrow DC's off other weapon factions?

Wouldn't it be fairer to offer a standard set of DC's to all new factions,
but then grant rarer DC's for each year of activity.


Year 11 Day 232 8:38

How could a new weapon faction survive if it doesn't get any DC's?
Are they expected to borrow DC's off other weapon factions? 

Yes, new factions of 'producer' type are meant to negotiate D/C deals with existing factions in case they intend to produce anything.

And I doubt there will be free D/C. You would have to wait for RnD being coded and released and then develop your own stuff.


Year 11 Day 233 8:40
Generic production DCs have been discussed before, but have not yet been implemented.