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Year 11 Day 223 20:58
Dave Parker

Handle: Dave Parker
Onboard the StarSpeeder 3000 Star Tours
from Starport Hapan Starport heading to Starport Intergalactic Starport of Coruscant.

Sector: Coruscant
System: Coruscant: (-6, 50)
Planet: Coruscant: (10, 2)
City: Southport (7, 14)
Ground Position: (0, 0)

Please help. Thanks.

Year 11 Day 224 1:42
You're on an NPC transport. You just need to wait until you get to your destination.

It will automatically kick you out when it arrives, there's no need to worry!

EDIT: But it looks like you're headed to Coruscant, you might want to take another transport to somewhere else once you arrive, who knows what the Empire will do to you if they get you.

Edited By: Phillip Bromley on Year 11 Day 224 1:44
Year 11 Day 224 4:22
When did you start the travel? If you did it before the travel update sync, then you will need a teleport. If you traveled after the sunc, you just need to wait.


Year 11 Day 224 4:49
Dave Parker

Its nearing 2 days, I think. I should reach by now. The ETA is 1 day 13hours. (I think)

Year 11 Day 224 6:51
Ok you should be at Coruscant now.


Year 11 Day 224 8:14
Dave Parker

yup. I am there now. thanks. ^_^