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Year 11 Day 225 17:50
Felipe Goes

After months away, i decided to start playing again, and i'm stuck on a locked ship, need help to get out.

Year 11 Day 225 19:35
There should be a "Message Owner" button on your Position interface. You'll need to start with that.

You could also try posting the ship type/name in the Trader's Lounge and see if anyone knows who owns it or where it is.


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Year 11 Day 226 12:13
Felipe Goes

Tried, but the guy who got the message doesn't seem to be the owner...

Year 11 Day 226 12:43
Ordinii Gotha

If there is a button labeled "Contact owner" that sends a message to the owner, it's a little weird that he/she would claim not to be the owner...unless there is a bug. Try posting in the ship's name and ID# in the "looking for owner" thread in the Traders Lounge.

On a side note, the ship might not be locked, just in a position where you cannot exit, like low orbit or space.


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Year 11 Day 226 12:55
Definitely post the ship id# and name, if you can find it, in the Trader's Lounge.

Year 11 Day 226 13:03
Felipe Goes

yeah, will do that, thank you for the help.

Year 11 Day 228 16:45
ya I'm having the same problem i am stuck on a VSD I tried contacting the owner but he hasn't responded i don't know what to do.

Year 11 Day 228 17:49
VSD is likely GE owned, or one of the other IU groups (Trade Fed, Mandalore, Hapes), so looking through their sites for someone that may be able to help you would be best.