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Year 11 Day 231 10:45
I read the GNS rules. The rules don't say anything about NFGs.

If an NFG has something in-character to say, is it proper to pay an information faction to make a post that conforms to the GNS rules? Thanks!

Year 11 Day 231 11:03
Yes, many NFGs can and do pay info factions to post a GNS for them. It's one of the ways info factions can make a profit. One example you might have seen recently on the GNS is the Gran Confederacy, which is an NFG that used an info faction, Courier Communications, to post its message.



Year 11 Day 233 0:04
Thanks for that information.

I'm trying to get something posted on the GNS. One info faction has its website account suspended. Another has a site that says it doesn't provide any services. I'm waiting for the third info faction to respond to my message.

Is it better to hire someone to hack the GNS?

Year 11 Day 233 1:26
Would still need to be a faction.

Year 11 Day 234 8:36
I'm assuming the third group is Bothan Media Services, which I have generally found to be a reliable faction. You'll get a cheaper price by sticking with them, since info factions cost much less to post on the GNS.