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Year 11 Day 231 19:39
I wondered about the difference between NPC shops (items for sale) vs. a merchant NPC that can be purchased. The merchant npc says; ' One of the galaxy's many traders, offering a small selection of items to the player for a price.' Does this portable merchant sell the same types of goods as an NPC shop?

I do believe that the scripts are not yet finished for these fellows, but I wondered for future reference. I am just wondering if i can purchase a merchant npc, when his scripts are completed, and keep him with me to purchase backpacks/trunks from. This would be very helpful in my trades.

Thank You for your time.


Year 11 Day 231 23:30
Merchants aren't implemented yet. But it has been suggested that players could use them to both sell and prevent theft of items. Hopefully that will become possible eventually.

Year 11 Day 232 9:17
I see that they have sold on CPM before. I assume that you can purchase them but that they dont do anything. Thats dissapointing. But all good things in time I suppose.

Edited By: Vosh Omega on Year 11 Day 232 9:20