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Year 11 Day 235 17:40
Shuji Shizuka

What exactly does protecting assets do?

Year 11 Day 235 18:16
Kainen Morguli

Only the owner (as far as I know) can protect assets. The protected assets are then unable to be made-over (if I remember correctly) unless they are un-protected first. It is a one time fee (unless you choose to un-protect them in which case you must pay again.)

Year 11 Day 235 18:24
Shuji Shizuka

So it's essentially an anti-loot barrier?

Year 11 Day 235 23:00
Yes, that's essentially the point behind it.

Year 11 Day 235 23:07
as far as i know -any member can protect faction asests if given the privs,

but only the owner can unprotect them.....

Year 11 Day 236 4:18
Did they re-add that? When it was first released, the leader could protect, but not unprotect (only the owner could do that). Then they made it so only the owner could do either, which was annoying.

Year 11 Day 236 11:34
Evan Traner

Leaders can now protect as well, and also theres a specific priv which you can give to allow anyone to protect assets.