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Year 11 Day 243 10:53

There seems to be an obstacle (a facility or unbuildable area) blocking one of the roads (make sure you do not select any roads that would cross other facilities or borders). The road in question is at 21, 19

i have the city owned,the correct mats in a bff-1 and the workers,

i have tried beeing left of build and above,
even moved away from the ship

but keep getting this answer!!!

any help admins?????

Year 11 Day 243 13:30
Mika Noris
Mika Noris
Is there any vehicle or ship with active pilot at said position ? If so, that may be a reason.
From what I remember, in the situation like this, construction will be blocked.


Year 11 Day 243 13:47
i had a ship at the location 1 square to the left or above the build,

then i moved it away to try a different tack.

maybe i need to bugbase this?

Year 11 Day 243 23:28
Screenshot of your construction page? Looks like from the error that you don't have 2 edges of your facility that you want to construct free of anything (facilities).


Year 11 Day 244 3:45
sorry ellias-can you explain how i take a screenshot please?

also the city is 100% empty and there is nothing here apart from the bff-1 i am using and myself and 12 npc's.......

Year 11 Day 244 4:01
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
"The road in question is at 21, 19"

21, 19 is outside of the build-able area. Don't build a road on the east side there.

Year 11 Day 244 4:18
i am building at 18,20,
and making a horizontal pg.....

Year 11 Day 244 4:27
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
I don't particulary care where you're building. According to your first post there was a road selected at 21, 19. That's outside the build area.

Year 11 Day 244 9:15
Umm, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard (should be just above the End, Page Down/Up keys) and then paste into an image program (paint, photoshop etc) and then upload the image to the internet and paste here.

As for what Ten is saying, when you are chosing the location for where the roads go, you cannot choose a location that is outside the slabbed area - the 1 grid wide border that shows the terrain is sancrosact and cannot be built on, either with facilities or roads, and isn't counted as a road itself. So you still have to include roads elsewhere.