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Year 11 Day 249 16:48
Greetings everyone :)

I'm not new to roleplaying, but to be fair, besides the movies and some videogames I am pretty new to Star Wars, considering at least 80% of the races made me raise my eyebrows.

I picked one that seemed pretty cool: a nice chance of being force sensitive, some hp bonus and race multipliers and the ability to cloak itself.

However, I mainly have two questions on my race, which is Defel by the way.

1) On several wikis, I read that regular light is blinding to them, but the races guide of the Combine says it's not. Is this a typo, or some sort of fix in the game for balance?

2) How should I roleplay a Defel? Is it capable of grunting the common language somewhat or should I think more of them as Wookiees?

Year 11 Day 249 16:52
Defel speak Basic without a problem, to my knowledge.

I've also not heard of regular light being blinding to them, although they tend to prefer shadows as they blend in better. Certainly in one of Zahn's original books (which I believe to be their first appearance) one is moving around a spaceport with humans without problems.


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Year 11 Day 249 18:10
I think there was something about they being used to the infra-red light on their home planet and so wear googles on other planets to filter out the other 'visible' spectrum light, but not sure if it blinds them or what.

As for races specific special features that appear in various descriptions on them around the place, a lot of them cannot be added in SWC because of coding/gameplay reasons. One of the reasons that though they are invisible pretty much in normal light, a normal human could have a better stealth rating than them, which is a good showcase of it. Of course when you get to RP a lot of these restrictions are not so hard, and so you can RP much more within the lines of that race.


Year 11 Day 258 1:33
I don't mean to butt in here, but I thought it was Ultraviolet not Infra-red.

Either way you can find more infomation out about Defels here if you have not already.



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Year 12 Day 22 18:55
can there be a mixed race?

Year 12 Day 22 19:05
also i havent made my charter yet is there any thing i sjould know to make my charter good from the start

Year 12 Day 22 19:34
You can roleplay your character as being a half-breed, but no actual mixed-races in game that ah'm aware of

If you meant you want to make your character good alligned, there is no 'good' or 'evil' just how you play the game (many would consider anyone from the Galactic Empire as being 'evil', but an Imperial citizen would more likely refer to a Rebel as being 'evil' and the Emperor as being 'good')

Year 12 Day 23 8:06
Or he meant having a good character sheet, as nobody cares about alignment here, we are egocentric bastards, the lot of us.

My suggestion is to specialize your skills instead of spreading out. A few 3s and 4s will be better than 10 1s and 2s. Trust me on that.

Year 12 Day 23 17:38
Plan ahead. Work out what you want your character to do when the game is complete, rather than just what is implemented now, because you'll never have enough skill points to completely retool your character.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.