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Archives » FI, Seven days and running...Paid.
Year 11 Day 251 10:40
Drega Loas

I've sent DMs, posted in the bugbase and still no answer...
Year 11 Day 245, 8:36: Message from Drega Loas to Veynom
Veynom will FI run soon?

Year 11 Day 245, 9:55: Message from Drega Loas to Clarr Solo
Clarr Solo will FI run soonb?

Year 11 Day 247, 1:57: Message from Drega Loas to Zhao Yun
Zhao Yun will FI run soon?

02 Aug 10 17:22
Summary 0005984: FI did not run as per rules...again.
Description "Income is distributed at 00:00 GMT on the 1st of every month.'
http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Facility_Income [^]

Again this month. Have not received FI

Oh and also NPC pool and wages...I think they are tied together?

Edited By: Drega Loas on Year 11 Day 252 17:54

Year 11 Day 251 13:44
Maybe they're all so pissed off that you're DMing them with inane comments that they've decided to punish everyone.

Year 11 Day 251 14:53
Drega Loas

Knowing that my inane question is irritating makes me feel sad. :/ That was not the purpose.

I was just expecting some reply or even maybe a SIM news post such as; we are aware of the problem and we are working on it, we are foregoing running FI manually this month to see if it will run properly with the next sync, or just a simple piss off.
Or since it is in the bugbase, have it noted that it is at least assigned.

I don't know about others, but when a question is asked, even a silly one, and silence is returned, I assume the issue is being ignored.

Year 11 Day 251 16:51
I can assign it to Sin on the bugbase if that would resolve some sort of narcissistic need to feel acknowledged?

It was announced, ages ago, that there are problems with the FI script. Until it's announced that there are no longer such problems, one would be safe to assume that said problems still exist and are (most likely) being worked on.

Trust me, if you haven't gotten FI, neither have a bunch of other more important and vocal people, and the problem is already known.

Year 11 Day 251 19:42
As Mikel said its been a consistant problem the last 6 months or so. I presume that Sin etc felt that by now people would of realised that there is a problem and not continually message them etc, since they know about it.


Year 11 Day 251 21:40
Drega Loas

Thanks Ellias.

Oh, and Mikel, yes we peons like to be stroked every now and then too. If you still feel a narcissistic need to be rude and demeaning, please send me a DM. I'll make sure to set aside some lumber and get my hammer and nails out to build you a special podium so you can look down upon us less important people some more.

Year 11 Day 252 12:19
Some of us are new players and don't about these issues..

Year 11 Day 252 20:38
That'd be great, just send it my way.