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Year 11 Day 252 17:03
I know the Brawlers are not scripted, is the same true for medics?

I cant seem to heal my character, and I am wondering if this is a bug or just the above mentioned issue.

And, when the script is completed (if that is the case) will my medic need items to heal me, or will it be done with just a fee?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I have never needed medical assistance before, and my door frame just fell on my head....ouch!

Year 11 Day 252 17:35
Medics no longer heal you as they used to (the medic actually says this if you talk to them). Reason is we now have medical items that can be used to heal you, so the Medics function to heal you for just 200 credits was removed.


Year 11 Day 252 19:35
What about the rule that said that NPC should work differently than PC (as in both use medical items) or droid ?



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Year 11 Day 253 9:51
They do work differently. NPCs do not work right now. PCs do.

THey will eventually be given a function, but that will be when their function is decided upon.

Year 11 Day 253 12:56
@ Jevon,

Thank you, this explains why I can't have a conversation with my NPC's.

Good to know.