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Year 11 Day 253 15:20
I'm a NFG. I need to hire some people. Besides the classifieds, which forum should I post in? Thanks.

Year 11 Day 253 15:29
Ordinii Gotha

I guess the Positions Vacant part of the forum should suit your needs.

Year 11 Day 253 15:45
Ordinii, please read the forum rules and don't give people bad advice.

4) Factions only. If you want a NFG or a private army, use the Classifieds.

- Positions Vacant forum rules

Und, there is no forum for NFGs, only the classifieds. Maybe the Commerce forum if you want to throw a bit about recruitment in with the description of what your groups sells.

Year 11 Day 253 16:57
Ordinii Gotha

Bah, there are too many rules. I almost suggest fewer rules.


Year 11 Day 253 22:00
Your suggestion is denied. ;D

Year 11 Day 254 3:48
Ordinii Gotha

Good thing, don't accept suggestions from someone who obviously doesn't read the rules :D

Year 11 Day 254 18:49
Ooh, I suggest that as a rule!!

Edited By: Hal Breden on Year 11 Day 254 18:50

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