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Archives » how do i delete my account?
Year 11 Day 254 2:25
Nick Halo

how do i delete my account?


Year 11 Day 254 2:25
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

You can't.

Year 11 Day 254 6:06
If you are level 1, your account will be deleted by the server in 9 months. Otherwise, you will continue to exist forever.

Year 11 Day 255 1:33
Forever trapped!!


May be inactive for awhile.
Year 11 Day 255 5:40
Chancy Mandu

Fly in to the sun, or ask someone to come kill you, there are always people out there who just enjoying killing people.

god knows what the will be like come creature combat.

Year 11 Day 255 5:47
There is a difference between Killing your character and Deleting your account

Nick: you don't need to delete your account to start again, just find someone willing to kill you (shouldn't be too difficult, spread a rumour you want to start a Sith Faction should do it :P) and in 3 weeks you can make a new character

Year 11 Day 257 21:39
Tiberius Torwyn

but what happens if we dont create a character on that account once dead?

and lets say you wanted to start earlier, can you create another account with another email while the other account stays permanently dead?

Year 11 Day 258 0:45
Year 11 Day 258 15:57
Dan Hakim

Don't worry if you think you've made a mistake with your skills, join the club, there's plenty of us in it! You can play the game with out needing to worry too much about that, if you intend to recreate, it means you still want to play, so try it with the character you've got 1st, learn a bit before you die.


Year 11 Day 258 17:57
Yeah, you can ask some of the vets what are good skills to have, and learn the grasp of things in the game, like building, prospecting, production, then you can come back with good a good skillset and with experience. Then you can get a good job or something. Cause like the guy above me who i forgot his name said, we all make mistakes. I made my character for the army, but I forgot to get perception...but if you level up enough, you can increase skills you didn't/couldn't add.

Year 11 Day 259 7:36
Shone Kone

I'd invest in the piloting skill ...................he said he wants to delete his acount he didn't say he wanted to play.........or adjust points.......