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Archives » Mereranor, a free planet?
Year 11 Day 255 17:12
Hi, I have found almost no information about this planet but when you look at the planet's page, here: http://kuat.swcombine.com/rules/?Galaxy_Map&planetID=1824

the planet is controlled by Darkness. And when I go see what's Darkness, it isn't a faction, it's just a test made by an admin. And i have also read that it was an Admin territory
here : www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=34375&page=0

and here: www.swcombine.org/forum/thread.php?thread=34337&page=0

Can someone can explain why it is so? controlled by admin...

And if Darkness doesn't exist, it's a planet who's not controlled then.

Thanks you for posting,


Year 11 Day 255 18:15
Darkness is an admin faction that holds all the current administration. Normal players cannot see it on the faction list as its not a faction they can join.

As for controlling the planet, its due to various events in the past. There is another planet we control due to it being confiscated because the controlling player/faction broke some rules with it.

Best to just ignore these planets until such time in the future we decide what to do with them.


Year 11 Day 256 11:49
Ok, I though this planet was not really controlled.

Thanks Ellias for fast respond. :)