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Archives » The problem with the economy
Year 11 Day 256 1:31
Since there are continous changes to the rules regarding TP, we have seen the income made getting lowered due to changes in population, we have seen ER changes and now the recent suggestions to forcing groups to have an HQ on a planet to recieve any kind of tax from them, all under the banner of "fixing the economy" I am wondering what do the admins sees as wrong with the economy and why lowering TP income would solve the problem.

Partially since I am curious to know, partially since I do not think myself that the economy is that screwed up atleast not from TPs and I have not been convinced otherwise, Partially since I have been involved in creating several of the income generating rules FI/TP and I think it is an interesting concept of an in-game economy.

and please, only admins to post in this thread. I donĀ“t want it to turn into some discussion over economy such as we have seen in the suggestion area.

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Year 11 Day 256 6:29
Gunther Innis Tennor

I think the idea was partly due to an unhealthy balance between incoming and outgoing credits (no I don't have exact figures nor the ratio on hand).

Personally I don't like the look of slabbed planets and even with art contests to help, they still look crappy. No, that is not a reason just my distaste. :p


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Year 11 Day 256 7:20
I know that ratio has been talked about before, I have been part of thoose discussions too. But back then we could not say specifically what that ratio would cause for problems. If it now has been determined that it lead to problem I would like to hear what problems and the reasoning behind them and the this suggested solution in terms of limiting TPs with the help of HQs.

Or is it just a guessing game with no clear direction nor identified root causes/problems?


Year 11 Day 257 17:06
Xavze Zavan

I'd like to know the break down of that ratio.

Is it 4,5 factions that are responsible for 60% or more of the incoming credits?

Year 11 Day 258 1:35
thank you for your input Xavze but please create a new thread for that, as mentioned in the first post I would appreciate it if only admins posted here to avoid it being cluttered down.