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Year 11 Day 258 14:13
Y do yall have that rule its stupid you would have more people join because they know if they messed up the could just log off and create a new acount

Year 11 Day 258 14:35
Year 11 Day 258 16:03
Gunther Innis Tennor

Agreeing with yourself? We know your IP. :p


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Year 11 Day 258 18:11
Hmm, messing up. I suppose its not like you can get you character killed and you can redo the creation process. Oh, wait...


Year 11 Day 258 20:19
i know someone who had an acount and blew the starter creds and wat about that u can reset but its not like he can get his money back he was stranded on corusant

Year 11 Day 258 22:09
Then hook up with a faction and have someone pick you up.

Year 11 Day 258 22:19
he quite he said it wasnt worth it

Year 11 Day 258 22:44
Then he wouldn't have lasted long in this game anyway. The starter credits are virtually pocket change. There's very little in this game you can do with them. It's not like you could buy a ship with them.

Year 11 Day 258 22:45
Then he didn't bother even trying to learn the game, and even with another account - a dozen more accounts - he wouldn't have gotten anywhere until he did. There's nothing he could have done with more accounts that he couldn't have done with his first, if he'd bothered joining a faction and getting involved.

This is, after all, an MMO.


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Year 11 Day 259 4:10
Shotan Turok

Well, I'm in this section for an entire different reason saw this and was curious, I could see value in multi accounts, but perhaps multi's that were linked in some way that others knew it was still you. And perhaps a cap, say like 12 which would be a squadron, which is the value I could see in multi's seeing how I've had to go through absolute hoops to move some ships around, I bought three pilot npc's just to find out they were useless. So yeah I see where multi accounts used honestly could be an asset. but this is just my opinion. Moving on to what I actually came into this section for, you'all have a good one.



Year 11 Day 259 4:46
You need 10 people to create a faction. Why should a single person, or even half that, be all that's needed for what is meant to be a major corporation/religion/etc?

Year 11 Day 259 7:56
Plus with fighters you can NPC them together so you only need one player to control 12 (taking into account the restrictions on what you need to be able to do that, ship wise).