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Year 11 Day 259 8:06
Tiberius Torwyn

What do you think of this starter build? am i missing anything or what should be changed?

Skill Ranks:
General = 3
Science = 5
Social = 2
Space = 1
Ground = 4

General: 6 points
Strength = 2
Dexterity = 2
Speed = 2
Perception = 1 (bonus skill from race)
Non-Projectile Weapons = 2

Science: 4 points
Computer Operation: 4

Social: 10 points
Medical Treatment = 1
Diplomacy = 2
Trading = 2
Leadership = 3
Stealth = 2

Space: 14 points
Starfighter-Freighter Piloting = 8
Capital Ship Piloting = 2
Space Command = 2
Naval Tactics = 2

Ground: 6 points
Vehicle-Barge piloting = 4
Speeder Piloting = 2

Year 11 Day 259 8:17
It really always depends on what you want to do ... there is no "good" or "bad" build, just one that suits your character or one that doesn't.

Year 11 Day 259 9:26
Tiberius Torwyn

but lets say its a overall build. it has good piloting features and good for jobbing. would you agree?

Year 11 Day 259 19:10
Ah thought the max level for Piloting was 5, so if you are listing how many points you allocated can be misleading

Year 11 Day 259 20:36
Yeah, may want to look at that. I think what hes put is the number of points he will put into that skill, rather than its final level (explains why with 4 points in science he has 4 points in com ops), but even with that general seems to have a few more points than you should have.

But as Togan said, depends on what you want to do. Its best to specialise rather than generalise in this game.


Year 11 Day 259 21:48
Kuro Neko

Its best to specialise rather than generalise in this game.

- Elias

I agree with that. It will take you a long time to go from a skill level of 4 to 5 in one of your skills if you have to do that by earning Skill Points by levelling up (7 skill points needed).

Instead you could increase by +1, seven skills with a 0 or 1 level. But I would actually save the earned SPs until you find something you need to improve. Not all the skills are developed enough to be useful yet but as the game develops you may find you need a new skill.


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Year 11 Day 260 14:39
Tiberius Torwyn

oh ok thanks for the advice. i guess that means back to the drawing boards.