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Year 11 Day 261 18:47
Nep Vegnu

I'm a new player in the combine, but I get on everyday. I joined one faction and after being accepted, they didn't make any sort of contact or tell me what I should be doing so I decided to join a different one in hopes that they would help me get started and give me something but it's been a few days and again I have heard nothing from them. What should I do? I don't like just hanging out on Naboo and not being able to do anything...it's supposed to be a game right? ...no offense

Year 11 Day 261 19:30
First, it doesn't hurt to be pro-active and message the leader. Ask for assignment and information... and pick-up (or NPC transport fare and destination). As a leader myself, I like to see a new member willing to take the initiative and show some enthusiasm. Just not so much enthusiasm they come off as impatient. ;) Also see if they have their own forums on their faction site, as they may be more active and you can get to know other members of the faction.

There's a new player forum on the main Message Centre with a Mentor thread where you can sign up and should be paired with a more veteran player who can give you more one-to-one advice and coaching. Scratch that, I see you found the thread already. ;)
There's also a thread in that forum on IRC, which can be a good way to get to know others of the community (warning, though, several members of our community are... eccentric, to put it mildly) and your faction might also maintain an IRC room where you can find other members and possibly get some instructions.


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Year 11 Day 261 20:03
Nep Vegnu

Thanks for the advice Hal. I did checkout that mentor thread but there seemed to be a long backlog of new players. I also posted a new thread on my current faction's forum, but noticed that their was only 7 members listed in their members page of which none of them were the character listed as the faction's leader. I also noticed that the last post was dated sometime in 2009. Based on that I figured they had quit keeping up with it at which time I DM'ed the faction's leader and have heard nothing from him. Like I said the first faction told me to go outside of the spaceport and post a coordinate update on one of the threads on their website, and I did so that was almost two weeks ago and since then I have been doing nothing but standing outside of the spaceport on Naboo. I'm not trying to complain at all and I apologize if it comes across in that manner, but let's be honest, standing outside doing nothing is not my idea of fun...again no offense intended.

PS: I can't use the IC application as I only have a PS3 and it has compatibility issues with java and chat.

Year 11 Day 261 20:11
Yeah, two weeks is an awfully slow response time, especially for you to not even have heard who you were getting picked up by and an ETA. I believe one of the Akheton factions controls Naboo, right? I'm not sure if that might have been one of the factions you joined, but if not you could try sending a polite DM to Jenos Idanian. Be honest, tell him you've been stuck on Naboo and ask if he has a smaller ship you might be able to borrow until you can get a faction/assignment sorted out. That way at least you can get into space, start moving and earning a little XP. Jenos, in my experience, is generally a decent guy and if you're up-front about it, there's a fair chance he'll help you out. And/or he might offer you a job.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 11 Day 261 22:23
Nep Vegnu

Thanks again Hal. I'll see what's up with him.

Year 11 Day 261 23:50
As Hal said that is an unfortunate circumstance you got caught up in. All factions require at least 10 active members to stay around, so there should of been someone around.

Best thing to do is look around. Factions that are actively looking for people will generally post in the POsitions Vacant forum in the RPG Centre, so you could look through the posts there and see if one takes your fancy. Added advantage here is that they will generally be posted by someone other than the leader and deals specifically with new recruits, and so should be able to get back to you more quickly.

Also, I believe there is a Praxium non-faction group that helps new players learn the ropes of the game and organise the best faction for you one some questions they ask you. I'm sure someone can find the link for their website if you are interested in it.


Year 11 Day 262 4:42
Priam Zeaz

Here is the link you were talking about Ellias


I hope it helps.

Year 11 Day 262 17:29
First thing I would recommend, don't join a Faction just from the faction pulldown list. Review them first, DM some of the leaders, ask questions, go to their website, see if they are actively posting in their own forums.. this will tell you how active they are. Join the Faction that replies to your DM's/Questions quickly and actually communicates with you.