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Archives » Items on top of a building?
Year 11 Day 263 10:48
In my inventory, an item's ground location is at 1,6. However, there is a building on that spot. I've searched every room inside the building, but haven't been able to find my stuff. What's going on?


Year 11 Day 263 11:11
Ordinii Gotha

Are you sure you are on the right city square? I'm pretty sure the ground location 1,6 exists on all city/terrain squares on any given planet, maybe except gas giants.

Year 11 Day 263 11:17
I couldn't go TO that square because there was a building there.


Year 11 Day 263 12:02
Ordinii Gotha

Maybe my explanation was faulty.

City/Terrain squares are the ones you see when you descend to the planet from orbit. Within each of these squares there are 22x22 ground squares. If a planet is a 13x13 size, there are 169 City/Terrain squares, and within each of these the ground position 1,6 exists. There might be another city on the planet where the position 1,6 isn't covered by a facility/obstacle, and I was suggesting you might have descended to the wrong city.

Year 11 Day 263 14:57
Ordinii, there's another thread about something similar happening to someone else around here, so it's more likely to be a bug than the guy can't read co-ordinates.

Most people will figure out pretty quickly if they're in the wrong city by accident.


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Year 11 Day 263 17:28
Aye. Either a bug caused the item to be moved to the location of a facility, or a facility was built over them (don't think construction checks for items). In any case, just DM me a list of ID numbers separated by a comma (,) (don't but ID# in it, just the number, and no spaces please - tool doesn't work otherwise) and the id of the room or ship where you want it to go (and tell me what type of entity it is, vehicle/ship/room etc as each type has numbers from 1+).


Year 11 Day 263 20:36
Thanks Ellias, but I was frustrated and sent the items to another player at random.


Year 11 Day 263 21:55
Mighty nice of you Dulgan. However, to be even nicer, you should direct said player to this thread so he can pick up said items.

Year 11 Day 264 4:45
Ordinii Gotha

Ah, it was a bug :)

I guess info like "I am in the right spot" would have saved me the effort. I made quite a few descending errors myself in the beginning, so I thought that a possibility.

On a side note, OT; Lack of essential info is something I deal with daily in the transportation business. Ive had customers order a transport, a full truck load, from one city to another, 300 miles apart, only to find out the goods didn't fit through the door of the recipient. Goods returned to sender for modification and then back once more :D One phonecall could have prevented quite a few $ down the drain.