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Year 11 Day 271 12:25
Vytor Vex

Okay, I opened up my mirc today and normally a menu pops up first asking if if I want to buy and I click continue, then after a couple of seconds another menu pops up and normally I click continue there as well.

But today at the second menu, I just got the exit option. So I just closed the program and restarted it hoping that it would work again because that was what I had done in the past and it worked then. So I went through the same process and I still get the exit button, it says that I have been using the program for 297 days, is that what caused the problem?

Year 11 Day 271 12:31
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl


Year 11 Day 271 12:33
Your trial time expired. Mine has been expired for a year or so now. If I get the EXIT button I just close and re-open and it will eventually give you the Continue again. The other option is uninstalling mirc form your computer and then downloading and installing it again.

Year 11 Day 271 12:36
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

That depends on the version, Linden. Newer versions don't give you the continue option anymore even after closing repeatedly.

Year 11 Day 271 13:48
Xavze Zavan

I broke and sent Khaled his $10..used it for 3887 days so I think I got my $10 worth.Poor guy must be starving or something..or he needs a new big screen 3d TV.

Year 11 Day 271 14:08
Yeah, about a year to year and a half ago, I caved and finally sent in my couple of bucks for the license. I've been using mIRC almost constantly since 2002. He's earned those $20.

Year 11 Day 271 14:30
This coming from the same guy who sent me a cracked license code one time. >_>

Year 11 Day 271 16:29
Vytor Vex

I got it again :D
Are there any alternatives to mIRC but can still connect to IRC?

Year 11 Day 271 18:33
I've been using it since 1994. Still have not paid, I should though. I definitely gotten my usage out of it.

Also, Mikel, about a year and a half ago I think the new version came out to where you could not use a cracked code anymore as it checked it against a database. That could be part of the reason:D

Here are two other sources to connect to IRC


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Year 11 Day 271 21:02

It actually runs your license against their database now, I believe.

And yeah. There's IceChat and a ton of others. Google is your friend, Vytor.

Year 11 Day 271 22:59
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Actually, I got tired of the whining on my second computer and just downloaded 7.1 cracked. I already paid him once, I don't see why I should donate again.


Year 11 Day 272 4:37
I was under the understanding that once you donated once you had it for life, including updates.


Year 11 Day 272 4:44
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

For up to three computers, yes.

Year 11 Day 272 6:03
That's a relief, paid, hmmm, sometime in late 90's but haven't used it in 3-5 years

Year 11 Day 272 13:10
pIRCh is free, and better imo.

Year 11 Day 272 14:45
tried pIRCh, didn't like it as much as mIRC (probably just used to mIRC as that was basically mah first introduction to the InterWebs, wayyy back in '97, the same day they re-released A New Hope cinematically in fact, at least locally)

Year 11 Day 273 4:10
I personally like mIRC because it is what I have always used and I find it easy to put commands and such in there. Back in the mid 90's I coded a mp3 player in it, along with a acronym translator, and many other different functions just for fun and usefulness. I only have snippets of these on floppy disks now, and no floppy disk drive.

Year 11 Day 273 4:50
Yeah, the mp3 player was cool, you could spamshow what you were listening to and if anyone wanted it they could 'grab' it, or at least they could make an attempt (ah would send them a msg to see if they were really interested or just a bot)

Year 11 Day 275 4:28
I use Chatzilla.. It is a Firefox add on. It is much simpler to set up than mIRC was, although there are pros and cons to either. (such as what you can do, how easy it is to switch channels, etc.) Personally, if I had been introduced to mIRC, I'd probably use it to this day.. but I was introduced to chatzilla back when I started Combine, so that is what I use.