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Year 11 Day 272 8:34
This isn't for me just so you know my younger brother forgot his paaword and doesn't know which e-mail he registered with so is there any way you could manually reset his password and send the email that has the new paaword to my email so he can't do this again. His handle is Tarc Tarmin and we are registered multis so I don't beleive that should be the problem.

Year 11 Day 278 13:19
It's been about a week and I have had no reply or anything can someone help me?

Year 11 Day 278 19:31
We cannot link his account to your email, as only one account per email address is allowed. Make a support ticket (or get him to do it preferrably) and give his name and all the possible email addresses, as well as the one he is using now. If it all matches up we can swap the email to his new one and send a new password.


Year 11 Day 279 7:29
Deleted Post
Deleted by Torc Tarmin. Reason: erasing the emails out of it
Year 11 Day 279 8:33
As I said, make a support ticket, as it will allow you to keep everything secure from a random person taking your email addresses etc.


Year 11 Day 280 18:25
I know I probably sound very new to the combine with this question but how do you make a support ticket.

Year 11 Day 282 9:57
"Contact Support" at the bottom of the sidebar on the right.

Year 11 Day 282 16:15
he found out that his password was hidden under 1,000,000 emails so this can now be closed. On a side note he needs to learn to mark things as spam.