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Archives » Kacoo Rique Account question
Year 11 Day 274 19:04
hi ive just come back from a while away from swcombine. I came back because one of my friends sayd he tried to create an account Handled Louis Long and was denied because we are both named Adam and go to the same school.

I came back and found out my account was banned i was wondering when or if my account would be unbanned???

Year 11 Day 275 5:10
You know you could be the same person? They track your IP number.

And this again?



Year 11 Day 275 19:00
lol i think i would know if i was the same person im trying to clear this up for my friend Louis's account creation I personally dont care about playing anymore because i got bored, but i do care about my friend if he cant play then please tell him already dont string him along!!!!

and han yeegle please tell me the last time i posted on these forums how is this again????

btw its a school network of course its the same IP im pretty sure he stated that a few times

Year 11 Day 276 9:48
Han, last time I checked, you were not an admin.

It was not the fact there was you and him, it was the fact that supposedly every Adam in your class had created an account at some point. Just a little too coincidental for the administration's liking.

Year 11 Day 277 16:10
ok thanks for 'clearing the murky waters' if its at all possible can u tell him pls