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Archives » Healing using medical skill?
Year 11 Day 275 10:31
From http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Items#Medical_Items

"A player can use their medical treatment skills to heal themselves or another character without use of any medical items. The amount of HP that can be healed per hour is the same as your medical level. So a character who is level 3 can heal themselves 3 HP per hour without medical items."

Is this true? Because I currently heal 'naturally' at about 5 HP/day. If I bump my medical treatment skill up from 0 to just 1, I'll be able to heal... 24 hp/day? And at skill 2 I can get 48 HP/day? That seems insanely high.

Year 11 Day 275 10:59
Ka`rla Leakey

Healing without items, using just the medical skill is not implemented.

Year 11 Day 275 17:27
Aye, I'm not sure that that part of the code is actually in. Of course that could of been before the HP regen stuff was changed from per hour to per day, meaning it would be +1 per day etc. SO it could be in, and providing a small boost to natural healing per day.