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Year 11 Day 276 19:13
At first glance everything appeares to be normal when I pull up the 'travel' tab inside the ship's cockpit.

However, I was under the impression that by holding your mouse over an area on the little travel map (sub-light travel), I could recieve information such as what planet/stations are there, as well as the area's coordinates. I also remember being able to travel to a certain coordinate in-system by simply clicking on the map where those coordinates were.

Alas, something seems to be wrong with my little sub-light map. I cannot travel by clicking on it, and I recieve no information when highliting/clicking coordinates on said map. This is rather frustrating, for unless I somehow manually count out the coordinates (hard to do in an empty system), or already know the coordinates of my destination, I cannot travel sub-light.

Year 11 Day 276 20:19
I am guessing you are using IE? Its broken for IE so you have to use the drop down boxes unfortunately. There are rumors that it will be fixed with the next sync, but I owuldn't hold your breath. Seems the new travel code cannot handle IE.


Year 11 Day 276 22:31
Yeah, it's a real pain trying to land on a planet if you don't already know where you are going :P

Year 11 Day 278 13:14
Bah, humbug