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Year 11 Day 278 18:08
::Top sites::
You may click on any of the following top sites and vote for us. You may earn up to 10 CPs per click per 24h.
Additionally you may receive a bonus at the end of the week if you have voted for all sites at least once every
two days. This weekly bonus is equal to your Top Site earning during the past week.
Example: If you voted 200 times during a week then at the end of the week you will get 200 x 10 = 2,000 CPs 

On the Combine Points page it says that you should receive a weekly bonus based on certain qualifications. Having
met those qualifications at least twice now, I decided to check the CP Sheet for verification. I find no record of
having ever received the CP bonus despite meeting the "requirements" for it.

My question is fairly simple: Is the combine points page correct and we are supposed to receive a weekly bonus
like it says and I just can't find a record of ever receiving the bonus? In which case would it be possible to include
that record somewhere for players to see? Or is the combine points page outdated and this weekly bonus is no
longer in effect? In which case could it please be fixed accordingly to show this?

Jest Repel

Year 11 Day 278 18:13

Also: http://www.swcombine.com/community/news/simnews/simnews2.php
(Posted by Talor Dakari on Year 11 Day 265 19:16)

CP fidelity bonus is currently bugged for everyone and it is a known bug. Please do not create multiple bug reports on this issue or submit support tickets to have them manually given.

Due to the nature of the bonus, it would be impossible to determine how much should be rewarded and to whom and as such any missing bonuses cannot be rewarded.  

Edited By: Gravnkev Forestwanderer on Year 11 Day 278 18:15
Year 11 Day 279 22:58
Thanks for answering, makes sense :P

Edited By: Jest Repel on Year 11 Day 279 22:59