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Year 11 Day 280 20:48
Delak Vamoss

Since there's no actual way to delete my character myself, I'd like to kindly ask an admin or someone with the required privilege to do so.

I'm stuck on a freighter that is owned by my faction, which I sent a message to but have not and most probably will not receive a response. I also sent a message to an admin, both of these messages were sent just over several days ago and it doesn't look promising. I don't have any kind of access to the cockpit or the ship itself which is understandable. This happened because I had real life issues that I had to attend to, and while I was enjoying the game I got severely sidetracked and this just got left behind.

Not only that but I started on the wrong foot and had a bad interpretation of what SWCombine was like when I designed this character. Knowing what it is now, I'd like to start new anyway. If for some reason you can't, I'll settle for being teleported out of this vessel and put in another within range of the sun so I can cruise into it or something.


Year 11 Day 280 20:50
We'll only drop your character if you have been stuck for over 3 weeks. Contacting your faction is a good start, but things can take more than a day to get back to you. If its a big faction like a government, you could try sending a message to someone else in a leadership position (usually listed on their websites somewhere) and they can try to help you.


Year 11 Day 280 23:11
Delak Vamoss

I've been stuck for a lot longer than 3 weeks, it's only now I've decided to seek some assistance by posting here.

I contacted the faction 4 days ago now.

Year 11 Day 281 2:38
Did you use the contact owner link on the position page? That would send you message directly to the owner faction or player.


Year 11 Day 281 7:54
Why do you say
which I sent a message to but have not and most probably will not receive a response. 
why do not believe you will get a response from them?

From the sounds of it you are in space somewhere, maybe post in one of the other forums asking if someone will come rescue you, and if you want to die, see if they can transport you to a system they have A&E privileges in

Year 11 Day 281 13:20
Delak Vamoss

Yes, I used the contact owner button quite some time ago.

The reason I don't think I will get a response is because if previous methods haven't proven successful, and there has been no response since I left to even ask where I went, they're either not to worried or have greater concerns worth their time.

When I try to leave it tells me there is a facility blocking my way. I don't quite know what that means, either way I can't travel or do anything else because I lack access.

What other forum would I need to go to? It just... complicates matters in my opinion if I need to go that far when the delete button is relatively straight forward in comparison. I don't mind waiting a few weeks; I know I'll be waiting 2 weeks after character deletion anyway.

Year 11 Day 281 16:17
Try either the Traders Lounge or Commerce forums

Year 11 Day 281 17:36
I'll just drop your cahracter then if you want.


Year 11 Day 281 19:44
Delak Vamoss

If you wouldn't mind, it's very much appreciated!