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Year 11 Day 283 10:54
I have a question about description suggestion, a few actually.

1) When submitting a description for review, can a player include (in his/her description) famous SW character references? i.e Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, etc.

2) If a description was suggested, never reviewed, and the character is now dead, can another player take over the description? i.e If Bobby McBobb finds a typo, submits a fix for it, it never gets reviewed, and then Bobby dies, can Susan then try and get the description reviewed in her name?

:) Thanks

Year 11 Day 283 11:25
Shuji Shizuka

1) No,because those charachters never existed in our version of SW.

2) No idea

Year 11 Day 283 18:34
1. As Shuji said, those character did not/do not exist in SWC. Best not to make any references to any character of any sort in the description. Just write up as though its a tourist description of it.

2. Yes you could probably re-submit it. However I would suggest linking to the other thread, and make a note that another person intially wrote it. Just to save someone saying that you are just claiming it for yourself without doign any work etc.