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Archives » joining centerpoint market
Year 11 Day 283 15:39
so i go here and it tells me the auto registery is not working , that i need to send a darkness message to the moderator but i havent heard back yet., and when i try to browse items in the market i cant find the items list, it only shows the top ten newest posts.


Year 11 Day 283 16:33
I believe he has limited internet access at the moment, just wait Goto and he will give you access when he has full access again.

Year 11 Day 283 16:35
Limited Connectivity: I (Togan) will only have limited internet connectivity for the next few days (in addition to the past few days). I should be back up to full speed by Thursday night. Unfortunately, DMs, middles and facility income will have to wait until then :(

- green bar at the top of CPM

Patience, and I'm sure he'll get you all sorted soon.


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