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Year 11 Day 283 17:32

If you fly your ship/vehicle at ground level over volcanic terrain, does it get damaged or destroyed? or does nothing happen?

Year 11 Day 283 17:49
At the moment, I believe there's no effect. You'll need to check the terrain restrictions in the case of vehicles, though.


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Year 11 Day 283 18:32
Aye, there will be no damage. However only ships and possibly a few vehicles would be able to even enter a volcanic terrain grid.


Year 11 Day 283 19:33
Umbeck Traxer

It is volcanic terrain, which doesn't really mean active launching lava. So long as you are simply flying over with repulsors there is no reason you would be taking any damage. Think stuff like this, hawaiian lava fields.

Now perhaps in the future someone might code for a way to walk or drive over such terrain and take damage, but flying should be 100% safe.

Year 11 Day 283 21:07
Vito Royan

I landed on that type of terrain no problem, and this was in a freighter



Year 11 Day 285 10:30
Being on the ground layer is not necessarily landing. Try getting out, that is the equivalent of landing. Highly doubtful it will let you due to terrain restrictions.

Year 11 Day 285 10:39
Shuji Shizuka

In comes a new daredevil activity. Lava Jumping.

Year 11 Day 285 12:45
Vito Royan

Well it wouldnt let me out of the ship, but I thought you could make volcano cities, guess not



Year 11 Day 301 4:09
Dan Hakim

Any chance of volcanic terrain ever being useful?

It is in canon, having mines on Mustafar, for example, the mirkanite (used in super lasers) mined there could easily translate to tibanna gas in game.


Year 11 Day 301 4:51
/me screams that someone mentioned Mustafar as an example for building on Volcanic again!

99.9% chance that volcanic will not be used. Don't even think about it, don't dream it, ignore it.