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Year 11 Day 284 10:04
hi im jango darsen nobody knows me because nobodys sent me an e-mail confirming my account and giving me my @!#$&%* password dammit! if any of you admins are looking at this send a damn e-mail to me for gods sake so i can log it got you @$$e$!? also ive been reading star wars books and have a number of things to make dammit!my e-mail address is dinner@i***** you should know it admins so send me my @!#$&%* password and confirmation e-mail!

Year 11 Day 284 10:11
Kai Oryk

There appears to be a problem with your comment. Some of the wording seems to have been replaced with symbols.

It's probably a good idea to fix that, before the admins think you're swearing at them or something absolutely ridiculous as such.


Welcome to the Star Wars Combine!



Year 11 Day 284 10:29
Swearing usually doesn't get you anywhere. Demanding something from the administration has a very similar effect.

That said, your account seems to have already been processed. Make sure you check your spam folders for an email from and set your email account to accept emails from that domain. If you cannot find an email, use the Lost Password feature.

Besides, if you cannot even wait a little bit for someone from the administration to process your account, then you might not like this game (waiting is a big part of it).