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Year 11 Day 286 23:40
Vito Royan

What do you think is the best fighter squad that could fit in a Marauder?



Year 11 Day 287 8:11
Glan Vivan

I would have to say Y-tie. Manly for their armament and the fact that they are cheapish.


Year 11 Day 287 8:22
Gideon Stargazer



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Year 11 Day 287 8:56
looking at the stats now (which isnt saying much, but at least some, R-41s can MURDER uglies.
Look at the ionic capacity. 1.
Just the single number 1.
That means it would only take a single sneeze from a single ion cannon to disable an ugly and leave it floating helpless in space.
And considering each R-41 has 2 ion cannons, AND 2 heavy blasters (those can probably 1 shot destroy an ugly anyway) ANNNNND 2x proton torps.... I think it R-41s can take uglies at at least a 4:1 ratio.
Not to mention they are faster, more manuverable, and more durable.

Oh and R-41s are smaller.
--Arch, out.

Year 11 Day 287 10:42
Vito Royan

Alright thanks, do you know any faction that produces those for public?



Year 11 Day 287 11:23
Glan Vivan

I wish I did


Year 11 Day 287 13:22
Tenloss Syndicate. Price is 900,000. They have a CPM listing-


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Year 11 Day 288 10:28
You'll find R-41's all over the public market and for production. No worries.


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Year 11 Day 292 4:54
Albert Hawk

I have seen some R-41s for sale in the clasifieds.