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Archives » Slave collars for arrest?
Year 11 Day 287 7:10
Gideon Stargazer

Someone on IRC just suggested to me that slave collars "might" be used instead of stun cuffs for arrest. I had never heard that before so I read the rules again and it does not say that but I just wanted to verify it here.
Can slave collars be used to make arrests?


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Year 11 Day 287 9:24
no, only use they have now is look pretty if you decide to wear them.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 11 Day 287 15:07
It has been suggested before, but not implemented.

Year 11 Day 287 17:48

Until its announced on the Sim News or such, only stun cuffs allow you to arrest PCs.


Year 11 Day 288 4:35
Gideon Stargazer

Thanks. That is unfortunate since stun cuffs have been made restricted technology by the Faction owning the data card thus involuntarily turning off a game function for many players. It is not like there is an alternative for those players not already owning a pair.


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Year 11 Day 288 12:21
well, its not a OOC game problem since there are so many of them sold out there before they got restricted...


Year 11 Day 288 14:14
Actually, didn't the Admins originally make Tenloss agree to keep sales open and reasonable when that function for Stun Cuffs was added?

Year 11 Day 291 19:32
Gideon Stargazer

Interesting, it would make sense that they would have been told not to restrict a game feature with no alternative.

Year 11 Day 292 0:01
When datacards were distributed, only a single faction was interested in stun cuffs. Since noone else wanted to produce them at that time, we're basically out of luck.