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Archives » Grids are how many Kms long??
Year 11 Day 287 20:06
Christian Hall

How many Km's are one city square grid?

Edited By: Christian Hall on Year 11 Day 287 20:08
Year 11 Day 287 21:44
2 km. it is somewhere in the rules.

Ignore the fact. I did planetary scale mathematics based on those numbers, just look away, unless you want 13,000x13,000 planets for realism.

Year 11 Day 288 0:41
Just think that there is additional "non-city" space between the grids (that also fits into the travel time between cities).

Year 11 Day 288 1:10
Well rules do say that there is a 200km gap between the cities - the cross-terrain option. Or at least implied based on speed and time etc.

Best to just ignore it really, unless its for speed calcs - otherwise you have a 2km long house?


Year 11 Day 288 1:14
I've always viewed facilities as more representative than actual depictions. For example, a PR would be more like a suburb/development than a single home. Yeah, in some cases it only adds 1 person, but in others it's several hundred.

Year 11 Day 288 16:56
Christian Hall

Yep its for speed calcs. Also I think of it the same way you do Weylin.

Year 11 Day 289 2:07
The laws of physics don't work in the combine.