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Year 11 Day 290 21:29
Dave Parker

Hi, there is a website Online Multiplayer Games Network (OMGN) Top Games Vote. It cant vote for Star Wars Combine for weeks. Can it be remove from the top sites? And is that the reason that i did not receive the bonus every week? Because I was not able to vote at that website, hence not able to meet the critiria to get the bonus.

Quote from Star Wars Combine:

end of the week if you have voted for all sites at least once every two days.

From the website (OMGN):

Sorry, you cannot vote for StarWars Combine because it has won within the last four weeks.

Year 11 Day 290 22:17
The bonus is broken, at the moment. I believe it should be fixed with the sync.

As for that site, we seem to win regularly, then it blocks us out for a month until we win again. ;) Don't worry about it. You're still getting credit for it.


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Year 11 Day 291 2:37
Aye, too many people vote so we always win, and we get locked out for a bit. Seems to show up that way more often these last few months.


Year 11 Day 291 13:51
Christian Hall

Their just haters cuz we're awesome!

Year 11 Day 291 22:08
Dave Parker

Cos Star wars Combine rocks.