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Archives » What's up with the bug base and a MAJOR bug to report
Kyria tried to log into the bugbase, and it didn't seem to want what she thought her password was, so she tried to make it take a new one, even now almost an hour later it hasn't sent her a password.

Also. Why is it that one of her faction members who did NOT have the prives received the sending of several ships to the faction. She double checked his privs he has NOTHING relating to shipsl budgets, etc.

And finally for some reason the IFF sharing of sensors isn't working right in Trammis VI. The T-24s that have always worked before are not sharing data. Could someone please look into this, we are in the middle of a build war with Eidola and Mando'ade. This is a priority.

And PLEASE can someone reset her password in the bugbase, she does have pictures of all this, but really would like to have them viewed ONLY by support team members.

I'm fairly sure those are all known issues. Well, except your password.


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