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Year 11 Day 295 16:50
Nick Dusk

How do you buy ships? Also, where do you buy ships? (an internet address would help)

Year 11 Day 295 16:58



Year 11 Day 295 17:44
To buy a ship, you find someone selling one (such as a faction or other sites like Centerpoint above) and you send them credits and they send you the ship. You may also want to use a middle (a trusted player that holds bother sides of the trade before passing them on) to ensure that the person you are buying from doesn't just take your credits and run off.


Year 12 Day 334 15:37
Deleted Post
Tarrick Tugrina
Deleted by Tarrick Tugrina. Reason: I no longer need a ship. I now have one
Year 12 Day 334 17:14
Might get lucky getting an X-Ceptor (very good chance someone would be just wanting to get rid of it after they got a shielded one from BS), but very little chance of getting a freighter for that much

Oh, and this is the wrong forum for this anyway, you want the Commerce thread

Year 13 Day 42 9:01
im looking to buy my 1st ship have 500k as just got my 1st pay....where should i go about getting one


Year 13 Day 42 9:50
Check the Commerce Threads, even give the Gambling Hut and/or Auction House a browse (there is one Gambling thread going at the moment for just 250k with the chance to win several million or 7 ships, if you don't mind risking half you pay {but hey, that's why it's called "gambling" :D})

You can also check out the CentrePoint Market (don't have the link and probably spelt the name wrong anyway, coming from a nation that is influenced by both Europe/UK and the US makes spelling confusing at times :P)

Another option is to check the Rules and look for a ship you like, and contacting the faction that produces them direct

Year 13 Day 96 4:48
Vrael Andersson

Cheapest ship you can buy are ugly fighters which go for 100-200k per. Cheapest freighter is a Zeta class shuttle which will set you back about 1.5 mil. Captial ships go for 100'000'000 up.

An example is my YT-1300, which is a good ship to use for personal transport and storage. That cost me 3.5 million credits.


Vrael - Pilot and smartass
Year 13 Day 149 14:35
You can get temporary ones if your part of a faction.


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Year 13 Day 149 14:39
Ordinii Gotha

Captial ships go for 22'000'000 up, I'd say...

Year 13 Day 149 17:19
2 months of no posting until you just did so - well done for the thread necro.


Year 13 Day 150 8:27
Ordinii Gotha

I did no such thing...someone posted 4 minutes before me :D

Year 13 Day 154 4:20
Which is probably the person he was talking to?


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Year 13 Day 154 6:12
Ordinii Gotha

Probably, my comment is just there for those who doesn't even check the dates and looks at the post immediately preceding Ellias' post :)