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Archives » Help, I am new here and I don't understand.
Todd Brown

I wanted to join a Star Wars MMO, and I found SWC. I'm not exactly sure how to get started and how everything works yet, could someone please help?

Nick Dusk

It will be weird at 1st but I think I can guide you through. Go to your messages screen and look on the left side for a "send message" button. Type in my name and send me a message if you still want help.

DM snet



There is the Guide linked at the top of the each page - should have some tips on the first few things you need.


Valik Rurk

Ya i Cant get out of the Starport. need help!

Dijunn Altis

im new need hlp plz.

Please take the time to form all your words. This is a forum, not a cell phone's text messaging system.

You need to be less vague, Dijunn. What sort of help do you need?

Valik, how are you stuck? You simply can't find the exit room or it's not actually letting you leave even though you're there?

Ah've been helping Valik (so that probably means he's more lost than ever)

Keith Kendregg

I'm new here, and I already understand most things perfectly, (although not so much new because I've been on here two days, travelling and read up on things if you are stuck because you don't know much about the game itself interface etc. go to the info section in community menu, read up some things there, like how I did, I hope this helps somewhat

Well, considering he hasn't logged in in almost 90 days, I'd say he's beyond help.


Might still help someone who reads this thread in the future, since we save and archive all threads. :-)





Jareth Barraka

Hi all, been on here for about a week. Like my trainer says, be patcient. ive not done much really, but starting to move along. best thing to do is ask your trainer for help.

Akadama Satoshi

[color=orange]I've been playing for a while, but never seriously.

I want to get into the game, but it's so confusing. This isn't like any other text MMO I've play, can someone please help?

I need advice on how to buy/sreal a ship to leave my planet, for instance. Or how to start a squad, combat, etc.[/color]


Samurai Of Legend RPG!

Well, number one, try not to use colored text. Its annoying.

If you are just starting out, you need to join a faction. They will supply you with money , a ship, and a job to do. It will make starting off much easier, as you do not have enough money to buy a ship.

Akadama Satoshi

I know about factions. I'm in the Corellian Engineering Corp.

It's just traveling, the market, etc that i'm having trouble with. Traveling I think I've got down pretty well now that the NPC transport system is working....*sigh* A game this scale needs way more players than it has:/

Also, is there anyone willing to test me for Force sensitivity? If not, how to I figure out wether or not I'm Force sensitive by myself?

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Samurai Of Legend RPG!

Ams Ipocnec

How do I battle other people and what am I supposed to do in this game.

1. If you are not the original poster in the thread, please start a new topic for new questions.

2. Join a faction. Get direction and assistance from them (usually including use of a ship).

3. Refer to the Guide, linked at the top of every page.

4. Return here (taking note of point 1) if the other resources don't answer your concerns.


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Ams Ipocnec

How do I get XP and how do I travel.