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Year 11 Day 323 20:44
Nick Enry

Thank you for the feedback.
Could I write that script to have my items back?
Is there a template or something?


Nick Enry
Year 11 Day 323 23:41
No, Clarr means a code script that will pull up for each bugged item its container ID and teleport it to its entrance room.


Year 11 Day 324 15:16
Keycards missing were in storage, emptied and gone.




Year 11 Day 325 16:27
Nick Enry

Ok. Then I suppose you will need this data to run the script.

Item list:

Keycards: ID# 1713588, ID# 1715012, ID# 1715430, ID# 1718569, ID# 1720465, ID#
Toolkit: ID# 1773552
Electronick Lock Breaker: ID# 1694495
Jetpack: ID# 1806583
Large Backpack: ID# 1778177
Heavy Belts: ID# 1806580, ID# 1806581, ID# 1806582
Corellian Powersuit Armour: ID# 1794496
Corellian Powersuit Helmet: ID# 1794495

They were located here before they disappear:
Stored in Room: Entrance/Exit (ID: 19310563)
Ship: BFF-1 Bulk Freighter [NAE] Capable (ID: 199198)



Nick Enry
Year 11 Day 325 16:44
Um, no. The script is automatic, it does this stuff without human interaction besides starting it. Everyone be patient and it will work out.

Year 11 Day 329 18:03
Similar problem. My entire inventory of deathsticks is lost somewhere. Inventory shows them in my ship but they aren't there.

Edited By: Angus Vandal on Year 11 Day 337 15:59


Year 11 Day 344 18:45
Nick Enry

Sorry for being so impatiens and annoying. But my items are inside a ship owned by a banned multi. I want to leave that ship but my items still missing inside. Please run the script.


Nick Enry
Year 11 Day 352 16:03
I can sympathize with you, I have had to put off a lot of prospective buyers.



Year 11 Day 352 17:56
You guys do realise that if its affecting you massively, you could, ohh I don't know, contact an ASim and ask politely if they would move the items to a room so you can pick them up?


Year 11 Day 352 20:21
but, that would make too much sense...

Year 11 Day 353 19:11
Thanks for the reply Ellias, but i wouldn't want to waste there time since it has already been stated that a script would fix the problem. I don't want to take their time away from something more important.

And Gravnkev, how is your comment supposed to be helpful?



Year 11 Day 353 19:32
Thats what ASims are there to do. If you give them a list of ids and a room id to move them, takes about a minute or so to do.


Year 11 Day 353 20:34
And how long to run the script so it doesn't happen again?

Year 11 Day 355 22:19

The script won't stop it happening again - more it was a bug that has since been fixed I would expect. The script will simply move such broken items to the entrance room of the entity they are in.


Year 12 Day 35 9:07
Kain Eckert

I have the same problem. It is all ammo.
12 diffirent "entities" of ammo in 3 diffirent rooms in one ship.

It shows i have them in my inventory but they aren't there.
Was going to do an error report, but i see that it's already been reported by others.

Year 12 Day 134 23:21
Lev Bolden

I now have another Item that is missing in much the same way... except this time instead of being stuck on my ship it is stuck on an arrested player on my ship and I cannot seem to make him drop it.

ID# 411981

Could someone take a look and find out whats up with this item?

Year 12 Day 135 1:37
I'm going to let somebody else guess what item type it is, and why it's not a bug...

Year 12 Day 135 2:46
Ooh ooh, me me. Its a belt yes? And its holding up his trousers?


Year 12 Day 135 13:56
Lev Bolden

No its a pair of stun cuffs... which did not drop when I released him the first time... so then I used a second pair on him to try and make him drop the first pair and they did not drop

Edited By: Lev Bolden on Year 12 Day 139 11:19
Year 13 Day 54 22:29
Lev Bolden

Year 13 Day 54, 21:37 One of the Telma Tech Shipyards stockholders has recently been reported killed. As the leader of the organisation, you have been named the inheritor of the 1 stocks in question.

Year 13 Day 54, 21:37 Ian Michaels has sent 1 Telma Tech Shipyards stocks to Lev Bolden.

Ok so today the person in question died from inactivity... at the time of his death he had one pair of my cuffs on him somewhere that he would no drop plus the pair I had him arrested with at the time. Now my inventory shows I no longer own either one it is as if they never existed. Sure I got a free stock out of it, but I would rather have just got my cuffs back. He was in the cockpit of my bulk freighter at the time and his corpse is still there however no items dropped at all...

Also today I had a locked door vanish when I failed to upgrade it from a level 2 door to a level 3 door :(

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