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Year 13 Day 54 22:38
Locked door bug I reported, and Sin says its fixed but needs checking.

As for your cuffs, the Support Ticket is the place for those kind of requests/help.


Year 13 Day 55 7:22
For items you need manually moved by an ASim, please file a support ticket.

For a missing door, please use the bugbase.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 13 Day 85 21:06
Was not sure where to post this so....

I lost my survival backpack when i tried to put some other items in it. It says its stored inside itself? I must have had it clicked with the other items so instead it just stored itself inside itself.... Its not on the ground or in the room I was in and the location is just itself. It is not equipped to me nor can it be uunpacked or even seen. Its like it disappeared. lol Heres the id 1592753

Please help or tell me what I should do

Year 13 Day 86 0:09
Derrik Thynite

Bagception... :D

Nah, seriously, I'd talk to an asim about getting it moved, so people like Arete or Syn.


Year 13 Day 86 2:25
Sounds like the time on the dev server that I teleported an Acclamator inside itself. I wondered why I couldn't drop the item I held on the empty ship, until I checked the docked ships list. Was a suprising result.


Year 13 Day 86 10:37
Syn is not an asim

Year 13 Day 86 10:45
Backpack should now be fixed :)


Year 13 Day 99 2:25
Thank you so much you guys are the best! If I could bother you one more time though.... Im at the coordiantes that my atpt gives me however there is no vehicle but instead there is a palace in the way where it says its located on the ground. If you can help that would be great. Here is the id number#134263

Year 13 Day 99 16:55
Moved 1 entities into city: Palace City on planet: Pzob.


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