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Archives » Getting my character back
Year 11 Day 301 10:33
I have waited the 30 days for having unregistered multis and I cannot log in yet. I have contacted the Asims by email but have not gotten a response. I would like some response, as I have served out my time and would like to get my character back so I can begin playing again.

Year 11 Day 304 18:12

I have yet to hear back from an Asim concerning the reinstatement of my character. Unless I am understanding the nature of my case, it has been 30 days and I do miss playing this game. Could someone please get back to me about getting my character back? I sent an email and would appreciate a response, either to clarify my confusion or to get my character back.

Year 11 Day 304 19:22
You contact the asim that banned you, not the other way around.

Year 11 Day 304 21:18
I have written to the Asims but have not heard anything from them. I think the issue is that Gitane was the one who banned me but has since left the position.

Year 11 Day 304 23:11
The Assistant email gets caught up with a lot of spam (some of it from our own ticket thingy) and so its possible that things are missed. That and because of the spam we don't check the emails daily or such like. I'll have a look through everything tonight hopefully.


Year 11 Day 309 21:26
I see. Ellias, I included your name in the email subject so maybe it will stick out next time you check it.

Year 11 Day 311 14:43
i have even contacted the help center and i too havent heard back my handle was Bugsy Badblade, Nobody but Syn has been helpful and her advice is faulty because i cant log in to check which adminSim banned me

Year 11 Day 311 15:30
The Sim News should be available to everyone whether you're logged in or not.


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Year 11 Day 311 18:10
Unbanned. Would of been easier if you included your name right at the beginning (plus when I checked the emails right after my last post, there wasn't any emails dealing with bannings).