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Year 6 Day 362 1:25
Stephen McCabe

How can i die

Year 6 Day 362 1:26
contact your faction about getting executed. Thats pretty much the only way.

But if you are killed there will also be a 3 week waiting time before you can re-create your character.


Year 6 Day 362 9:58
Ferrick Casant

Does flying into a sun still kill you ?


Year 6 Day 362 10:18
Tenodera Aridifolia


Year 6 Day 362 11:09
Ferrick Casant

Roger That


Year 6 Day 363 4:47
but if you do so and using a ship not owned by you. Then you will be very popular


Year 6 Day 363 5:19

Hrm, typos will need fixing before I finalize these *eyeshifts*

Edited By: Teniel Djo on Year 6 Day 363 5:21

Year 6 Day 363 18:00
Step one: Join Empire
Step 2: Join Navy (caps)
Step3: Make sure you have as many passengers as possible.
Step4: set course for sun
Step5: Leave cockpit
(this way you won't die when the ship hits, it will become damaged when you hit, if you are in the cockpit you die otherwise you are injured if i read the rules correctly)
Step 6: Recover.
Step 7: Ram sun again and ship blows up.

Alternitivly you can hyper-abort-hyper-abort-hyper-abort until you die instead of ramming a sun.

This way you both kill yourself and destroy an imperial capital ship which is more than many combiners achieve in their life time.


Year 6 Day 363 18:19
Tai`to Kale

He might become famous if he manages that. The most famous newby in the combine. Think about it for a second.

Year 6 Day 363 18:44
And it'll take him about 12 months to get assigned a cap to fly, making it kind of contrary to his purpose, I suspect.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 6 Day 363 18:55
Tai`to Kale

Oh well, let's wait until a rebel sees and likes the idea then. I would really like to see this appearing in the GNS as a terrorist attack of sorts. Would be really interesting.

Year 6 Day 363 20:36
Shouldn't take very long, do basic training, choose the naval section, get there yourself if you have to after all you have no need for credits if your about to die, transfer everything you do have to a friend and then follow the procedure. I'm assuming they have so many ships and so few members that they will be forced to use noobs as cap pilots.


Year 6 Day 364 0:03
You have it wrong

1. Join the Empire
2. Support an OOC position on anything from programming to abortion, just make sure you disagree with your superior officer
3. Watch how fast you get killed


Year 6 Day 364 4:46
[14:12] (Master_Vodo) Find Rosar Lightening Wave and arrest him
[14:13] (Attache_Raider) erm, yes my Lord. May I ask why?
[14:16] (Master_Vodo)
[14:16] (Master_Vodo) There you go.

And yes, Rosar was executed.

Edited By: Owen von Ismay on Year 6 Day 364 4:48

"The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it."- Dune
Year 6 Day 364 6:22
and honestly anyone joining a faction, any faction, with the sole intent to use its ships to commit suice and hopefully destroy on of their ships at the same time should be banned. Thats just bad RP, bad member of a community etc.

atleast thats my opinion.


Year 6 Day 364 12:32
Ferrick Casant

I agree Tyr , and please people dont give anyone any ideas about such things , I would consider it ...... |_|83r L4|\/|@g3 0Ph +|-|3 +3|\|+|-| d39re3


Year 7 Day 1 1:26
Not to mention I think its the pilot who dies anyway, regardless of whether you're in the cockpit or not?

Year 7 Day 1 16:52
Capital ships take damage but as far as I know they do not "blow up" in the sun. Only smaller ships with lower hull values sustain enough damage to be completely destroyed. I don't think this has changed.



Year 7 Day 2 2:46
They take a certain percentage damage. What if you ram it twice?


Year 7 Day 2 3:52
Lucas Cipher

If he wouldn't move from Kashyyyk his problem would be solved by now. Even don't have to join imperials to get killed (that's something new!)

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