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Year 11 Day 309 8:26
I have a question, I have stuck on cold/breathable planet and I wanted to leave it so I can get to my ship in another system. But when I'm crossing the terrain I have such an event: "Your character lost 3 HPs (5%) (Planet Atmosphere Damage)"

I have 42/48 HP right now and 23 Hours to reach the next city (I'm on the swamps right now). So I have a question, am I loosing 5% of the current HP or of the maximum HP? I have almost 6 level so I don't wanna die this way...

Year 11 Day 309 8:33
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

You'll die this way, better turn back quickly.

Year 11 Day 309 8:40
Well thank you, I'm on the swamps alerady, I didn't loose anything when I left the city. Yes, I know that I'm dying so just please answer my question or tell me what can I do to survive.

Year 11 Day 309 10:28
You lose 5% of the maximum HP you have.

Year 11 Day 309 23:03
if you are really in need/worried i could lend you a fighter to either reach a starport or borrow it for a short period of time.

Zhazar, DM me if interested.