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Year 11 Day 312 4:55
Darian Dash

Can anybody tell me how to eject an escape pod from an LSC or Action VI.

I find the option to enable escape pods in the ACTIONS option while in the cockpit/command room.

How do i detatch them ?

Beings a pod is classed as a fighter , do i need a ship with a docking bay to tractor it in?

Or can i eject the pods from my Action VI and tractor the new pod in as a replacement?

Year 11 Day 312 6:22
Pods cannot be ejected without a person inside them to eject it. And once an escape pod is ejected, it cannot be replaced. you Can tractor it into a docking bay, but it remains as a separate escape pod.

Year 11 Day 312 6:34
Darian Dash

Do you know the step by step process for doing it.
I'm not sure if mine are bugged.

I go to cockpit , choose ACTION , select ESCAPE PODS , select ENABLE.
Where next?
I'm in an Action VI but have also been unable to do it in my LSC


Year 11 Day 312 6:53
You go to the entrance, select "Enter escape pod", and you will get a confirmation. If you do, you will then find yourself outside the ship in an escape pod. The escape pod then works like any other fighter, minus movement if I remember correctly.

Year 11 Day 312 8:07
Is the Escape Pod feature actually in Position 2.0? I seem to remember people mentioning that it was missing - you should be able to access them from any of the rooms around the outside of an entity when they are activated. Doing so will spawn an Escape Pod (when its reintroduced) and put the player that used it and their party into the pod.

As for picking it up, it then counts as a fighter so yes you would need a docking bay to move it. The only way to restore escape pod counts after ejecting is to 'repair' them to recover any lost pods.


Year 11 Day 313 18:57
whats the point in building escape pods then?


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Year 11 Day 313 21:20
Its a hang over from before we had pods in ships. There was talk about converting the DC to a storage container one.


Year 11 Day 363 18:19
Do we have any idea if and when the ability to eject escape pods will be implemented again?


Year 11 Day 363 18:35
When the rest of the position stuff is brought back.


Year 12 Day 23 5:56
Is it currently possible to replace ejected escape pods from a BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, which says it has 2, so would both be able to be replaced?

If so, could you please explain who or how this would be done, and when it would not, generally be allowed.

Examples of confusing information gathered:

1) "they cannot be replaced once used, so they have been de-activated to save the for when combat comes out"

2) "they are not working with the current update anyways, so don't need to worry about them"

3) "they can be replaced, but only if new, and navigated directly into the ship"

4) "they are all the same, and can be used with any ship that has that feature, including all cappys and most freighters"

5) "what you call 'Escape Pods' are actually used and traded as small cargo containers"

Year 12 Day 23 7:32
Shuji Shizuka





5)They are both. Many people use them as cargo containers.

Year 12 Day 23 17:42
Escape pods cannot be replaced at this time.

Escape pods will be able to be replaced using the Repair feature.

It is possible to produce "Escape Pods" on their own, outside of a ship, and these are the ones that are used and traded as cargo containers.


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Year 12 Day 23 17:43
Escape Pods are restored to a ship once ejected by using the repair feature (see the relevant rules page for more information). You cannot take a completed escape pod and put it back in as it were. This is because when they are finished with, when you eject a pod it makes its way to the nearest planet and lands there then will become useless.